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Online experience for Victorinox new product launch

I was commissioned to design an immersive online experience to launch the new Chrono Classic 1/100 watch from the iconic swiss brand Victorinox.


The initial goal

The Swiss agency Enigma wanted the worldwide launch of the new Chrono Classic 1/100 watch to be something extraordinary. They asked me to create an experience page and a gamification platform that would help the brand gather new qualified contacts and new fans on Facebook.


The solution

I wireframed, designed and animated an immersive online experience using cutting-edge technologies. With the technical assistance of Stimul, we pushed the technological boundaries of the time and created a classic homepage that transformed itself into a full product animation when scrolling.

Polychrome designed an experience that played a significant role in the success of our product launch

Olivier SchwarzeBusiness Manager – Victorinox

The results

The launch of the product was a huge sucess and exceeded the client’s expectations. More than 30’000 people enriched the Victorinox client database. 15’000 new facebook fans were generated and more than 8’000 of the existing fans were linked to new records in the client database. The website also won prizes and awards, including the prestigious CSS Design Awards Site Of The Day.

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