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UI/UX design for a Swiss online casino

We developed an engaging and dynamic website design, complete with vivid illustrations, for a newly launched Swiss online casino. This project presented a unique challenge due to the complex technical base architecture supplied by our technical provider.

UX, UI, Figma Design System, Illustration

An engaging experience

The challenge of this project lay in adhering to the traditional codes of an online casino, while simultaneously infusing distinctive elements. Our strategy was to bridge the gap between the tangible and digital experiences by visually allowing elements to extend beyond the frame and creating a sense of depth.

Figma Design System

To ensure consistency across the extensive array of pages and screens on both desktop and mobile versions of the website, we developed a comprehensive design system using Figma. This ensured all the teams to used the same assets and define clear design guidelines.

Wireframes & Technical Challenges

The company operating the online casino acquired a license from Gamanza, a company specializing in casino software. Consequently, the design of the website was governed by numerous technical constraints. Our real challenge was to infuse the website with a unique and playful character while adhering to these strict guidelines.

The design team created a captivating experience for our users, setting a new standard in online casino design. I commend their professionalism and innovative approach

Claudia BeckerOperations Manager,

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