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Interactive annual report for a Geneva based NGO

FSD is a non-governmental humanitarian organisation active on mine action. They contacted me to create their 2020 annual report. After brainstorming and identifying the objectives, we created an immersive one page report that could also used as a marketing site. The effort paid off with never seen traffic for their annual report and many design awards.

Webflow, Lottie animations, Data visualisation, Interactive graphics


Animations have been at the core of the project. We wanted to entertain the visitors and maintain their attention by illustrating the concepts and efforts of mine action.

Interactive Graphics

We did not want to display rows of numbers in a table form as is the custom for annual report. We therefore implemented many animated and interactive graphics to highlight the meaning of those numbers.


Being based in Switzerland, FSD’s corporate communications have to be in english, german and french. All the annual report’s backend has been developed to support several languages and update all animations automatically.

Optimised for mobile

Considering the marketing efforts and promotion of this annual report, we worked hard to make each and every interactive part of the report truly accessible and usable on mobile devices despite the fact the audience for annual reports usually access the website on desktop computers.

Design awards

The uniqueness of the annual report and its interactivity attracted the eye of many design related magazines. They awarded us many prices and mentions which also lead into a substential increase in brand awareness for the NGO.

The Polychrome team went beyond the initial brief and came up with a very creative solution that helped our NGO raise more awareness than a usual PDF annual report.

Alexandra BrutschCommunication Manager

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