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creating branding guidelines for the Swiss optician group

We updated the logo and created branding guidelines for Visilab in order to establish clear branding guidelines within the group


The initial goal

Like many national brands with local shops, the leading Swiss optician Visilab faced issues with keeping their brand consistent throughout time and locations. We were asked by their agency to help them create branding guidelines that were clear and accessible to everyone for a coherent use of their branding.

The solution

After an analysis of their current communication assets, we identified the areas of improvement and setup 62 pages of brand guidelines defining each and every aspect of the brand, from the logo to colors, typography, photography, printed material and TV ads .

The results

Since the introduction of the brand book, all the documents created by Visilab follow a clear set of rules, defining what should and should not be done. The establishment of theses new rules already makes a difference within the Visilab communication. The sense of uniformity that the brand was lacking until now is now a reality.

Polychrome helped us to structure the content and to establish a clear branding language making the brand guidelines comprehensive yet easy to understand.

Emilie LassausaieHead of Client Success – Enigma

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