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New brand identity for a DeFi – Crypto startup

Korynthia, specialized in Decentralised Finance (DeFi), needed a new branding to communicate their borderless credit solutions. From conceptualization to final design, I gave birth to a branding that is not just a visual makeover but a strategic move to make the future of finance accessible.

Branding, Logo Design, Brand Guidelines, Social Media Assets

The initial goal

DeFi and cryptocurrencies can be complex and challenging to grasp. Therefore, Korynthia’s primary mission is to facilitate access to decentralized credit for people. They sought a new branding strategy that would not only foster trust but also aid in demystifying the concept for a broader audience.

The solution

The preliminary researches inspired me to employ the labyrinth metaphor, positioning Korynthia as a guiding force navigating through the complex maze of decentralized finance. Additionally, we decided to align the branding more with traditional financial aesthetics rather than contemporary crypto styles. This approach was chosen to convey a sense of trust and stability.

AI Photography

Leveraging the latest in artificial intelligence, we crafted a unique collection of images tailored to embody the journey of exploration within Korynthia’s color scheme and branding style. The AI-generated visuals offer an endless array of images for use on Korynthia’s website and social media platforms.

AI Photography

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