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Enhancing the customer experience of a breastfeeding brand

I have been leading the redesign of the new website, web and mobile applications for Aptamil, the Swiss breastfeeding leading brand and subsidiary of Danone.


The initial goal

Aptamil wanted to create a strong relationship with the new generation of moms who put great importance into the food they give to their babies

The solutions

We created a website that contrasted with the industry standard at the time, by using new colours and modern imagery of the babies. We also designed a set of web and mobile applications that helped increase the brand visibility and establish an emotional connection with the moms.

The results

The mobile app has been downloaded over 4’500 times in the first few months of the launch. Many of the app users also subscribed to the newsletter and visited the product page of the website. The mobile app also won first prize in the Mobile category of Best of the Web awards. The mobile app also won the first prize at Best of the Web in the mobile category.

Vincent and the team managed to make the brand evolve to modern standards while keeping the brand DNA recognizable for the existing customers

Emilie SaucyCampaign Manager – Enigma

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