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Oliq – Product Photography

Oliq approached us to refresh their brand identity and showcase their product range in a cohesive and on-brand manner. Through the use of a new color schemes and targeted studio shots, we were able to create a set of images that effectively communicated the new brand direction and attracted the target audience.

Product Photography, Photo Editing, Branding

The intial goal

The main goal of the project was to update Oliq’s product photography to match their new brand direction. Their existing photos were outdated and did not align with their audience and the way they wanted to communicate on social media.

The solutions

A significant amount of time was dedicated to planning the shots to ensure maximum productivity during the studio day. This included creating a moodboard of decor elements, color palettes, lighting and shot types to align with the needs of the brand. 

Thanks to the careful planification, we managed to create more than 100 photos, showcasing all products and ensuring that each group composition was available with each product in the front.

The results

The new product images now capture the essence of Oliq’s brand identity. These photos are implemented on the company’s website and social media, effectively showcasing the entire product range in a cohesive and uniform manner.

The outcome was a resounding success, as it not only attracted the target audience but also effectively communicated the quality and benefits of Oliq’s products, thereby building trust and credibility with their audience.

Vincent did a fantastic job from start to finish, always ahead of topics, creativity and structure. We felt like our vision was truly incorporated into the final result

Karolina BonnierBusiness Development Manager – Oliq

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